We take responsibility by contributing to SDG number 15. Xindao will realize this by donating money and contributing in other possible ways to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving Life on Land, both towards the natural environment as to vulnerable communities.

If we cannot reduce our impact in certain areas, we will compensate, and we will involve our customers as well in the responsibility we have together as producers and consumers. Non-profit organizations related to water savings are our main focus. We contribute to three non-profits: Water.org, Just Diggit, Treesforall.

Sustainable Development Goal 15 - Xindao
Sustainable Development Goal 15 - Xindao

Water.org, helping communities with access to fresh water: https://water.org/


Just Diggit, digging holes to stop erosion and revive land and communities: https://justdiggit.org/


Trees for all, plant trees to reclaim land and compensate CO2: https://treesforall.nl/en/



Social Commitment

Here, Xindao supported the Plastic Soup Surfer

This point is related to responsibility for our CSR impact, however it is not necessarily connected to savings or CO2 emission compensation. If Xindao organizes a company or client activity, a sample sale or joins a sponsored sporting event, we will choose an organization or goal that fits with our Focus and one of the SDG’s. This will mainly be SDG 15, but we can also choose to support a non-profit or charity based on one of our other selected SDG’s.