From XD Eco, to Eco+ and since 2020 the Impact Collection, Xindao shows that improvement in our sustainable product collection is ongoing. We see transparency and traceability of materials as the biggest disruptive action.

Xindao will continue to evolve and further define and substantiate our sustainable collection and work on adding only products to our collection which make a positive impact on our environment, with the focus on saving water. By 2025, all products made with polyester or cotton will be replaced by products made of traceable recycled material.

SDG 13


Xindao contributes to SDG 13 Climate Action by initiating projects to measure, reduce and compensate Greenhouse Gases, specifically CO2. We realize that CO2 is not very visible but everyone knows that too much of it impacts our planet in a negative way.

So, how do we make it visible and measurable? By having a good structure for collecting and reporting our emissions. We have chosen the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Guidance and Standards (from here on: GHG). These standards divide the CO2 collecting and reporting in three scopes which makes it easier to compare results consistently. GHG also helps us to choose the measuring boundaries and guidance on how to make reports.

More information on the Greenhouse Gas protocol.

To realize Climate neutral transportation we measure both Inbound and outbound transportation.

Impact collection

In 2020 Xindao launched our Impact collection. This product collection is sustainable, environmentally friendly and future-proof through the innovative use of the AWARE tracer embedded in the material.

For our Impact collection we use recycled RPET and Cotton which has a tracer embedded; the whole chain from recycled material, to yarn, to end product is registered and traceable via Blockchain. Ensuring that we can proudly say that the material is without a doubt made from recycled content.

This also gives us insight into the amount of water and CO2 which is saved by buying these items compared to buying the same product made of non-recycled material. By using the tracer we prevent greenwashing.

More information about our Impact collection can be found on our dedicated website: www.theimpactcollection.org

Eco+ label

Our Eco+ product-label was introduced in 2018 and was a first step towards making products with a smaller or positive impact on the environment more recognizable. By making a selection based on two strict criteria (traceable materials and safe materials) we want to contribute to a larger choice for customers who value sustainability.