Since we engaged in our original CSR plan, transparency of the supply chain has become increasingly important for Xindao but also for our customers.

As a producer and seller of products Xindao has a responsibility to check and monitor the factories where our products are made. Our customers are increasingly interested in social compliance audits and producer information. Consumers are more and more aware of their purchases, where they were made and who made them.

Purchasing mostly in China, it can be difficult to be aware of local social situations and working conditions, however we have already taken steps to improve and be transparent and we will continue to do so!

Albert van der Veen - Xindao


Xindao is a member of Amfori BSCI since 2018. This organization enables social audits in production locations through an auditing framework. Independent auditors are trained to perform a BSCI audit but operate independently, they don’t have any stake in the audit. Findings and answers to the audit questions are calculated by an algorithm to generate a score. A social audit monitors 13 Performance Areas such as occupational health & safety, fair remuneration, no child labor or forced labor, freedom of association, working hours, ethical business behavior etc. With a social audit we can see how a factory scores on these subjects, and in some cases has improvement points which they should work on.

Not all the factories we work with have a social audit yet, but they are required to accept the BSCI code of conduct as part of the purchasing agreement. It is our continuing goal to expand audited factories year by year. For 2021 the result was that factories were covered by social audits for 72% of our total of purchased value. Our aim is having 100% audited by 2025.

We are transparent on our journey and do not claim that there are no challenges on the way. Below is what we communicate about a factory’s audit:”


  • We place an Amfori-BSCI logo on the product page for products from audited factories
  • We accept A, B or C total scores
  • Factories with a lower score need to do a re-audit and the amfori-BSCI logo is not published on our website alongside their products.
  • Because an audit is factory related and can change depending on where we produce the product, we do not print this on our product packaging
  • We provide the audit reports on request and hope to find an automated possibility for this in the future