Packaging is the first visible part of receiving an item. It plays a role in first impressions, it has a practical role to fulfil as protection of the item and is an important way to communicate with customers. Through packaging we inform about recycling options, how to use a product and to provide legally required information.

Xindao aims to combine the practical with the sustainable. We already improved various aspects of our packaging over the years but our aim is to use more recycled materials, better recyclable materials, to monitor where packaging is really necessary or how it can be changed to be more sustainable. We will use packaging even more as a means of communication.

Albert van der Veen - Xindao

SDG 12


Xindao has been working on achieving more sustainable packaging since 2014. We made improvements over the years and we receive a lot of questions about packaging, so this subject is clearly of interest to customers and consumers. To base our future improvements on data, we will also start monitoring the packaging impact through product LCA’s. Our current packaging strategies are focused on improving: carton, polybags and inlay padding.


All our products are packed in a way that is sufficient & efficient. This way we use only packaging materials that are necessary, but at the same time efficient in handling in our printing process.

We use our packaging guidelines and an overview of the type of logos to determine which should be on the packaging so the consumer knows how to dispose of it. To save paper, sometimes the packaging has the manual printed on it as well, which replaces a separate manual inside the box.

Product packaging materials we use:

  • Carton outer (Regular carton)
  • Carton inner (Regular carton)
  • Polybag individual (LDPE)
  • Polybag large volume (LDPE)
  • Padding (We have inlays from EVA or PE foam, but we are phasing them out with all the selected products and changing them into carton inlays)


Packaging which is directly within our own scope of influence is now FSC certified according to the strict requirements of FSC. This concerns our MyBoxD boxes, sleeves and gift wrapping paper. Other packaging remains on our to-do list.


Polybags are the most talked about packaging item: The purpose of polybags is protection and maintaining the quality of the products. If the product is damaged it will need to be reproduced or replaced, leading to more emissions and waste, which is not sustainable. We are looking into various options such as recycled plastic and bioplastics, both of which pose their own challenges from certification or recycling point of view.


One of the changes we are in the process of making is to phase out the inlay padding of EVA foam / PE foam to be replaced by carton inlays. The whole product box can then be disposed of in a paper/carton recycling bin