Keeping our customers safe! For customer safety we continue to follow EU compliancy legislation. In our communication and awareness plan we provide useful information so customers can make an informed decision.

Communication on safety is focused on consistency in packaging, manuals and information on our website about the safety of products and their contents. We aim to create more awareness through providing information on the disposal and recycling of items. Even though we rely on others in the life of the product, we can actively encourage them to play a part in the environmental impact.

Albert van der Veen - Xindao

SDG 12


The logos and markings which can be found on our packaging and under ‘features’ on our website provide a lot of information about the specific product. It informs customers of CE conformity, the absence of certain harmful substances and materials, battery directives and food safety directives. It also provides information on data and technical protection such as safety of your data through detection of foreign devices, protection from overcharging, temperature control and energy saving.

There are also certain requirements for markings on products, some should be on the product itself and have a specific size, some are required on product and packaging and/or the protective polybag. Very small items can be a challenge but also in that case we make sure to provide the information. These efforts to bring our customers all the correct and crucial information is the result of the work of our compliancy team in Shanghai together with our product department in The Netherlands. When selecting and testing new products there is an extensive manual for compliance requirements and procedures to follow.



Product safety is a priority at Xindao. It starts at the selection of a product, what materials it is made of, the technical components and the safety requirements to keep consumers safe. We have made it part of our standard process to test more often and more thoroughly than is legally required. Our compliance system is written according to the NEN-ISO 19600 “Compliance management systems- Guidelines”. According to this system we manage, monitor and improve our quality and compliance level daily. We have a dedicated Compliance officer in our NL office who works closely with our purchase department and our QA/QC department in Shanghai.

Safety according to us is also a part of sustainability, a safe product means a longer life-cycle for the product and above all prevents the negative effects of chemical substances on our health and the environment.