Our customers play an important role in our plan. We achieve more together than we do by ourselves! To engage customers we plan to involve them more (often) in our sustainability Mission.

Xindao will determine its goals and focus, but customers see things from a different perspective and can offer fresh ideas and suggestions as to what is important for them concerning sustainability. This can be anything from products to access to information and communication.

Albert van der Veen - Xindao

SDG 12

Questionnaires / panels

We want to create a panel of customers to help us further develop our sustainability efforts and get feedback on what we are working on. Ideally the panel would consist of both customers who are already involved in Sustainability and those who are interested but not yet active.

Through the panel we hope to learn more about what interests there are from our direct customers as well as from endcustomers. Is there something specific that is missing in our communication or in our product portfolio, is it useful to have certain documents available to download, is a sustainability presentation helpful? As a member of the panel you will also be updated first on projects we are working on and can give feedback on materials we are thinking of using in our products or packaging.

We will periodically issue a questionnaire; sometimes only directed to the panel and sometimes to all our customers. Register here if you are a customer of Xindao and are interested in joining our panel! Please include in your message if you are working on sustainability and what your interest is in joining our panel.


Marketing campaigns and materials

Our marketing has increased its focus from paper to digital in the last years. We realize that catalogue production still has a negative impact on our CO2 footprint, even though the volume of printed catalogues has reduced over the years. Starting in 2016 we switched to a more environmentally friendly printer in Romania for our catalogues. This printer works according to ISO14001 and ISO9001, they are FSC COC certified, awarded the EU ECOLABEL paper and use only FSC paper. They also have a social compliance BSCI audit with a B-score.

Even though there is still interest in our paper catalogue, digital tools have taken an enormous flight and are very popular – and convenient. They show updated information on our main collection and our digital magazines focus on new introductions or on one of our brands for more specific information. Our goal is to ultimately replace the paper catalogue completely which will also help reduce our CO2 footprint overall.

To reduce the amount of catalogues that were thrown away at the end of the year, we are working towards a pre-order only situation, which will set our catalogue waste to zero!