Xindao has its head office in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. Our goal is to make this office, and our smaller offices in Europe, CO2 neutral in the most effective way. We use electricity in our daily work and gas for the heating system. We have leased cars and employees commuting to the office, we have business travel.

All these factors contribute to our CO2 emissions and to create a CO2 neutral office specific goals will be set to reduce where we can and compensate where we cannot realize (further) reduction with the goal of a CO2 neutral office in 2025.

SDG 13


Xindao contributes to SDG 13. Climate Action by initiating projects to measure, reduce and compensate Greenhouse Gases, specifically CO2. We realize that CO2 is not very visible but everyone knows that too much of it impacts our planet in a negative way.

So, how do we make it visible and measurable? By having a good structure for collecting and reporting our emissions. We have chosen the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Guidance and Standards (from here on: GHG). These standards divide the CO2 collecting and reporting in three scopes which makes it easier to compare results consistently. GHG also helps us to choose the measuring boundaries and guidance on how to make reports. To reach our goal of a Climate Neutral office we measure several sources of our impact.

More information on the Greenhouse Gas protocol.


For Business travel we measure all travel of Xindao employees visiting customers, fairs and road shows, factories and suppliers and making business trips in general.

These are the figures for 2021:

To compensate the CO2 emissions of our petrol, diesel and hybrid leased cars we engaged in a compensation scheme via the provider of tank cards and MyClimate.org. Through the Gold Standard certified program we support sustainable energy projects.


All flights booked from and by our Dutch office are compensated yearly through our online travel booking tool and a certified organization Climate Neutral Group.

In 2021 we compensated 11,09 tons of CO2 equivalent and supported a project for more efficient waste handling and management and education of local communities.


Our goal is to reduce local air pollution, help reach company-level greenhouse gas emissions targets, improve the health of our employees and attract new hires to our organization.

Emissions from employee commuting in 2021 made up less than 1% of our total emissions.


We measure electricity use in our Dutch, UK and Spanish office. Additionally in 2021 we have the electricity footprint from our Printing factory, Printmasters, and our office in Shanghai as well. Thus broadening our scope to all entities which contribute to our footprint.

We measure:

GHG Scope 1: for electricity use within the organization, both offices and production location.

GHG Scope 2: purchased heating and electricity, which measures production and transport of ‘heating’

In 2022 we outsourced the hosting of our servers. The third party host plans to be CO2-neutral by 2030 and CO2-positief by 2050. We expect to see energy savings in this area of operations in our 2022 GHG report as a result of this decision.