In 2022 we expanded the scope of our ESG plan – previously including only Xindao’s European entities – to include our printing facility in Romania and the Shanghai office.


We also include in our scope operations under direct Xindao control. These are mainly our operational activities at Rabelink, a warehousing location in Romania.


Our plans are always ambitious and we are eager to maintain our focus and reach our goals. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we contribute to, offer a timeframe until 2030. This is understandable, a lot needs to be done to reach those goals and time is necessary to change on such a large and worldwide scale.

Early 2022 we enlisted the help of an external advisor to guide the next chapter in our sustainability journey. An important part of this is setting goals for the upcoming milestone years.  

The chosen indicators and timeframes will reflect our ambitions and will be communicated end of 2022.