The scope of our CSR plan sets the organizational boundaries at Xindao BV, located in the Netherlands, and the entities in Europe under direct ownership.

This includes various Xindao offices and employees in the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Apart from companies under ownership we also include in our scope operations under direct Xindao control. These are mainly our operational activities at Rabelink, a warehousing location. Our aim is to extend our scope to include other locations in the near future.


Our plans are always ambitious and we are eager to maintain our focus and reach our goals. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we contribute to, offer a timeframe until 2030. This is understandable, a lot needs to be done to reach those goals and time is necessary to change on such a large and worldwide scale.

At Xindao we have learned from our previous plan and our efforts over the past years, that setting a deadline requires many considerations. With this in mind we have chosen NOT to set our main framework on a deadline.

This Sustainability plan is well thought out and will be part of the company’s business strategy – putting a date on it would mean that we expect it to end at a certain point. However, once it is embedded in the company it will become part of regular business.

What we have done and will keep doing, is set goals and deadlines to specific actions and projects that contribute to the SDG’s and our policy targets. These goals will be added to this website throughout the year.