We are proud to be transparent about what we are achieving in CSR and also honest about what can be improved. We bring this to you in the shape of Monitoring & Reporting.

To make sure our CSR Plan stays up to date and on-course we actively monitor our progress. We have created a set-up which includes a dedicated CSR team that meets up at least every quarter.

The CSR team consists of 9 members who are all actively involved in putting sustainability into practice! The sustainability manager, as part of the team, monitors our progress and reporting and is actively involved in several Actions.

To increase effectiveness in decisionmaking, the Board of directors are part of the CSR team and are responsible for embedding our sustainability plan in our company strategies, thus engaging in sustainable investments for the future.

On this page we share reports, scores, certificates and more to give you a better understanding of our progress.

Certificates & Reports


Ecovadis Platinum

In 2020 we achieved Ecovadis Platinum status! Ecovadis is an organization specialized in assessing companies on their Sustainability status and progress. The assessment has four pillars and by providing documentation on policies, actions and improvements we collect points and a medal.



Greenhouse Gas Protocol Report

GreenHouse Gas Protocol provides guidelines and a scope for our CO2 emissions report.

GHG report 2020»


Xindao Code of Conduct

At Xindao we strongly believe in following a Code of Conduct, we have also included our Ethical sourcing policy to reflect our position on ethically sensitive subjects.


Code of Conduct»