As a red thread in our CSR plan, three subjects are highlighted, through which we find that we can make a large positive impact. We chose water savings, an improved sustainable product portfolio and improved communication.

By “saving – innovating – communicating” we make our mission for positive change visible for our customers.

Albert van der Veen - Xindao

Water Savings

Water has become a significant issue in the past years with climate change affecting the most vulnerable – on the one hand in the shape of too much water and flooding and on the other hand in water scarcity. Access to water is increasingly important for communities to survive – so what can we do to improve this situation? Not only by donating a percentage of our proceeds, but also by preventing the use and waste of water which can serve other purposes: by reducing the use of water in production. We know and have already shown it can be done, so there is no good reason not to!


Product Portfolio

Through our varied product portfolio, we have learnt a lot about materials, their impact, resources and product life and we are still learning. By creating an increasingly sustainable product portfolio we can offer our customers a (more) sustainable choice in every product category. This constitutes among others a life cycle analysis (from material to product) and the impact of transportation. Some products will be more challenging than others but we believe continuing on the same path is not an option – change is essential!



We can change and improve as much as we want but without communication and without transparency we cannot bring the message to our customers, or even to our own employees. Through communication we create understanding and through understanding the motivation to contribute and be part of the change. We all want to know WHY we are doing what we are doing, and what we can do to help – together we can achieve more!